After Portobelo the scenery becomes even more beautiful.

Isla Grande, 30 minutes beyond Portobelo on the Costa Arriba road, boasts excellent surfing, lovely beaches, and mangroves. At the Isla Grande Diving Center diving and snorkeling. The surfing here is good. Isla Grande has been host to various international surf competitions. It is a beautiful island. A walk up to the historic lighthouse is definitely worth the time.

Isla Grande is home to two hotels and a number of cabin-style accommodations. One of the most elegant resorts in Panama is Bananas Village, a small beach hotel on a coconut plantation on the very private seaward side of Isla Grande.

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Fuerte San Lorenzo
Fuerte San Lorenzo / Fort San Lorenzo
Located at the mouth of the Chagres River, Fort San Lorenzo is an historic gem left behind by the Spaniards.

Zona Libre de Colón
The Colón Free Zone is the largest merchandise distribution center for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Isla Grande
Isla Grande
Perfect for a day trip from Colón. Take the Costa Arriba bus past Portobelo and get off at the town of La Guaira. At La Guaira you can take a boat to the beaches and mangroves of Isla Grande, only a few hundred yards from the shore.



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