The city of Colón hosts a range of shopping options. The city’s main street, Bolívar Avenue, is lined with stores. There you can find anything, from sewing needles to the latest in today’s fashions, from appliances and furniture to crafts and fine jewelry.
For those preferring the ease of a shopping center, there is the new Los Cuatro Altos mall. This recently opened center has department stores, shoe stores, supermarkets, a multiplex cinema, a disco, billiards and a video arcade, and restaurants. You will find ample parking at Los Cuatro Altos, located beside the new elevated bridge, some 15 minutes from downtown Colón.

At the cruise ship port of Colón 2000, you can purchase exquisite regional crafts such as fabric molas from the Kuna Indians, tagua nut sculptures, and pottery. You can also take advantage of the city’s low prices on appliances, cameras and video cameras, computers, cell phones, and even fine furniture for home and office. This shopping center also has a well-stocked supermarket.
If you need to stay connect with the rest of the world, fear not: our city has numerous "Internet Cafés." For the modest sum of $0.50 an hour (fifty US cents or fifty centésimos of a Balboa), you can connect to the Web to check your e-mail or to surf.


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Fuerte San Lorenzo
Fuerte San Lorenzo / Fort San Lorenzo
Located at the mouth of the Chagres River, Fort San Lorenzo is an historic gem left behind by the Spaniards.

Zona Libre de Colón
The Colón Free Zone is the largest merchandise distribution center for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Isla Grande
Isla Grande
Perfect for a day trip from Colón. Take the Costa Arriba bus past Portobelo and get off at the town of La Guaira. At La Guaira you can take a boat to the beaches and mangroves of Isla Grande, only a few hundred yards from the shore.



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